The Guilty Mother - Diane Jeffrey

Melissa Slade has been in prison for the murder of her baby twins but now new evidence has been acquired there has been doubt cast on her story. Jon, a reporter, covered the original trial for the local newspaper and has been asked to cover the new investigation but the more he digs, the more complicated it gets. What happened to Amber and Ellie Slade?

Initially I couldn't connect with Jon as a main character. His grief became too strong of a personality trait and this made it difficult to actually focus on the story, I was too focused on trying to understand his mindset and reactions. Although the main character was a bit stiff there was some comic relief to the story in the form of Kelly, she definitely brought more to the story than I think was initially intended.

There were a lot red herrings and I was guessing right to the end as to what actually happened, a lot of secrets were unearthed that kept it interesting. With the narrative of mystery surrounding Amber and Ellie's death it was a good technique of Jeffrey to incorporate a small amount of legal matter into the story line surrounding Melissa's narrative. However, extra padding was added I felt to lengthen the story such as the Holly story which weren't necessary for the development of the story.

Overall I was extremely engaged and was hooked from the start. Jeffrey manages to join together a string of characters and their individual aspects to generate an extremely strong novel that I would recommend all thriller and mystery buffs take a look into.

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