The Key to Fear - Kristin Cast

Elodie has only known The Key, they protect and defend the safe lifestyle of her world. But does she doubt leadership enough to believe that there is more at play when the mysterious Aidan shows her a different side to They Key.

A big thank you to Head of Zeus and Kristin Cast for sending me a gifted copy of the new release and including me in the blog tour! I've read Kristin's work since I was a teenager so being offered this opportunity has made the 13-year-old in me very happy.

Immediately Cast utilizes her knowledge of characterisation and cements Elodie as a main character we can enjoy but further captivates us with the mystery that is, Aidan. Whilst our main focus is on Elodie and the transition from her blind belief in 'The Key' to casting doubt on those in charge the star of the book was Aidan, he had an air of mystery about him that not only engaged Elodie from the start but also the reader. The writing enables us to perfectly visualise these characters and connect with them so Elodie and Aidan have definitely established the connection needed to ask the reader to follow them for a full series.

We are in difficult times and it is worth noting that if you do not want to read plots based around virus infections then this may not be the book to read right now, however, with that being said this mainly focuses on the aftermath of a society who have taken the phrase "No touching today for a healthy tomorrow." and ran with it. You can make your own decisions on reading this, and whilst it touched a fraction too close to home it's easily distinguishable as a dystopian novel and was enjoyable.

The plot itself was your typical "law-abiding girl gets side-tracked by rouge boy" which did feel worn out initially but the new twist of pandemic/no-touching/germophobic world gave a fresh coat of paint that was extremely refreshing. 'The Key to Fear' pulled me out of a reading slump I didn't even know I was in, I powered through the novel is a single day because it just kept delivering a powerful storyline and finding out what the happened to Elodie and Aidan was key in me being able to sleep that night.

Similarly I'm not sure I will sleep properly again until I get my grubby hands on the sequel.

Kristin Cast has been a staple of YA fantasy for most of my life and by stepping into YA dystopian she's expanding her reign on the YA world perfectly. 'The Key to Fear' perfectly sets up a new series with a host of well-rounded characters and steady plotline that only stands to deliver.

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