The Lodge - Chris Coppel

In the remote wilderness of Scotland, a lodge is set to accept it's first visitors for a Christmas like no other. Hunting is the key attractive feature of this lodge and it's occupants accept this way of living is something that sells to rich folk, but, when the lodge starts to hunt back what will they do to protect themselves and repent for their actions?

Big thank you to Troubador Publishing for sending me a review copy of 'The Lodge' by Chris Coppel! I was so excited to pick up this eco-thriller and as usual, Troubador has gone above and beyond to publish something wonderful!

Getting right into the drama of a murder is a surefire way to draw me into a novel, no messing around and straight to the plot. From looking into Coppel a bit I can see from his writing that his profession is focussed more on screenwriting because it was so easy to bring this novel to life in my head based on his writing. Where other novelists find it difficult to portray anything other than communication and character description Coppel creates a world inside this lodge where every movement is performed and the stage is set perfectly to capture the emotions of the scene.

It is difficult to explain why I loved this plot without giving the game away, so if you want to read this yourself with no spoilers turn away now! But please come back after you've read it.

Eco-thriller is a relatively new sub-genre but an important narrative to pick up in these changing times. Earlier in the year, I read 'Eden' by Tim Lebbon that was in a more dystopian setting and I feel by writing 'The Lodge' in a contemporary setting it gives it a bit more of an edge since we can relate to it a little more. With the main theme being the natural world fighting back against those that wrong it, you instantly begin to contemplate your own actions. Coppel reels out streams of guilt as the book reaches its climax onto the reader but in such a way that doesn't repel them but engages them.

Andrew, the main character, leads the front of discovering the truth about the mysterious events at the lodge and through the various flashbacks, we come to understand the truth ourselves. The secret being held was cleverly hidden throughout and revealed at the peak of the novel when it had maximum impact, it was a spine-chillingly good reveal and I wish I could read it for the first time over again.

'The Lodge' was a wonderful read that although could have used a little more tweaking to be perfect I would love nothing more than to read it again and again. Definitely, a solid commentary on our attitude to the consumption of nature and makes you think twice before adding meat to your shopping list.

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