The Man Who Didn't Call - Rosie Walsh

Sarah spends a wonderful week with Eddie David, she doesn't understand how but in those seven days she felt more of a connection with him than she has with anyone in her life, even her ex-husband. She was positive that he felt the same way, that was until he didn't call her back. There was no sign of him, she posted on his social media and called him multiple times, but nothing. Where was Eddie David?

This audiobook became available and due to the outstanding positive reviews I have seen online I had to give it a go. Romantic novels are not in my particular comfort zone but my 2020 goal was to try new genres and this was the perfect opportunity. Initially I was apprehensive as within the first few chapters there seemed to be multiple plot points to follow that were not obviously connected. Some chapters are the narrator writing passages to a lost sister but the rest of the story up to the end has no relevance to this and they just feel as though they're interruptions.

Our main character of Sarah is pretty terrible. From start to end she believes that the world revolves around her and she cannot comprehend the possibility that people have things going on in their lives that do not involve her. Also, she does not deal with anything logically. She spends a whole week at Eddie's place and it takes her until chapter 22 to go to his hometown and see if he's about?! Also, Sarah, your sister ignoring you is not the same as her being dead so do not compare the two! Sarah = terrible.

I cannot find anything good to say about this book, not even constructively. As a note, pregnancy should never be used as a reconciliation plot point. This story was a mess from start to finish. I assume it was just to satisfy people who have been ghosted and give them hope that there could be other reasons for their new love interest ignoring them.

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