The Other People - CJ Tudor

Gabe cannot forget her face, that small little face peering out from a rear window in front of him with only one word on her lips; "Daddy". That was the last time he saw his little Izzy but no one believes she is even alive so how can he find her? Can the mysterious Other People help or is his past finally catching up to him?

Immediately Tudor creates an atmosphere enviable of most thriller writers, the eery style of writing immediately makes the reader feel tense and uncomfortable. Follow Gabe and his unhinged approach to everything made me nervous, not knowing the backstory to Fran and Alice made it even stranger to read but as we progressed it became clear that Tudor was made for thriller writing. She brings an air of the supernatural to this thriller that connects worlds and theories, enabling the reader to get a thrill from more than the mortal world but on a 'realistic' level without dissociating the reader.

The writing skills surrounding the plot are immersive and connect well with readers but the characterisation seemed lacking. Gabe, our main character, was simply unimpressive, his emotions didn't always come across well and his actions often seemed illogical, whereas Katie, a supporting character, seemed more well-rounded. When the story progressed and connected the characters their interactions were smooth and Gabe became more malleable and easy to read, this was probably due to how well Katie came across and this spread over to him. Also, the secrecy surrounding where Izzy had gone was clear quite early on so the mystery began to focus on the wider connections rather than her.

This novel was very slow-paced for a thriller and the backstory surrounding Gabe became the focal point with gradual revelations that added to the mystery. I prefer my thrillers a little faster paced but 'The Other People' manages to find the balance between a great plot and perfect pace to keep the reader interested but without speeding through and ruining the mystery.

'The Other People' was my first CJ Tudor book and I'll definitely be putting more of her work on my wishlist!

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