The President is Missing - James Patterson and Bill Clinton

There is a secret threat aimed at America that only the President and his closest confidants are aware of. However rumours start the whirl about a cyber-terrorist attack being imminent and a traitor within the White House. President Duncan is doing his best to hold off any attacks but he is now becoming a chief suspect for espionage and then disappears completely.

Obviously a collaboration between one of the most well-known thriller/mystery writers and a disgraced ex-President of the United States is going to sell and get people interested. I was interested for the same reason everyone else was, what will Clinton let slip about his time in office in this clear narrative on a Presidential threat. Well let me tell you boys and girls, this was a pile of *expletive here* from start to finish (well to when I finished which was 3 long hours into the audiobook). This was clearly a political thriller and although I'm not fully versed in the American political system I thought that it shouldn't be a problem as an author would make his story accessible to all nationalities. WRONG. There was way too much terminology for this to be considered anything but heavily political. So much so that I couldn't understand what was happening, who was who and what related to what because none of the terminology was explained and you as a reader were just expected to understand it.

There is some interesting narrative that comes from a female assassin on her way to (I assume, I didn't get that far) kill the President. She was pretty much the only interesting part of the story, she had mystery about her that meant I wanted to know more but her chapters were few and far between.

You may remember what made President Clinton so infamous, notably his impeachment trial regarding his affair with Monica Lewinsky. There are serious references to this in the novel, most interestingly our fictitious President Duncan having an internal monologue about how a President can be impeached for anything, just as long as the jury deem it to be impeachable, it doesn't even need to be illegal, they just need to agree that it was 'wrong'. Correct me if I'm wrong please reader but doesn't that have a wiff of blamelessness about it from Clinton's perspective? Be a little more resigned, Mr. President.

Anyway, I pretty much gave up trying to enjoy the book and ended up DNF'ing because it clearly was not aimed at me, an English woman who knows little to nothing about American politics. Also, it was terrible.

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