The Psychopath - AM Edwards

Most people describe Jez as a scumbag, a dirty liar, and a terrible human. Jez would describe himself as an incredible lover, a highly intelligent academic, and simply; a psychopath. He knows his hobby is a little taboo and some people would find it cruel, but killing people is what he's good at.

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Jez was obviously written with such a dark personality that you needed to hate him, to really despise his actions, but Edwards created a truly despicable character and makes you like him anyway! By crossing time periods we really gained an emotional connection to Jez and his motives, it goes to show how incredible the writing is that as a reader we touch on some very dark actions committed by Jez and still sympathise with him. Don't get me wrong, he is a terrible character with an awful outlook on how to treat other people but there was an almost magnetic pull to his charm. The same couldn't be said for other characters, although I would have very much like to have read more about Maxine, her snippets of narrative added a layer of mystery that I'd love to have seen lengthened out and delved into.

There isn't much I can type here without giving away the ending, and I truly think that if you're reading this you will want those last few pages of complete shock. The build-up was hidden between the lines so well that even I, a seasoned crime reader, didn't see it coming and the extent Edwards went to for providing an exceptional plot twist. Although, the ending felt about 5 pages too short - Edwards could definitely make it a worthwhile 5 pages.

This novel was quite easily one of the best thrillers I've read recently and it perfectly captured the titular character's personality. There isn't much that phases me when it comes to descriptive criminal acts, but even this put me on edge and made my skin crawl, which is an achievement in itself!

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