The Second Wife - Miranda Rijks

Robin is a renowned composer but his personal life isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when he's found dead at the bottom of the staircase under suspicious circumstances... His new wife Tasmin immediately suspects Mia, the assistant who got too close to Robin and is now set to inherit his entire fortune, but is there more under the surface of Robin's life that neither woman was prepared for?

Huge thank you to Zoé again for sending me a cracker of a book for one of her blog tours for Inkubator. I'm somewhere in the middle of this tour surrounded by some excellent reviewers so please check out their fantastic reviews as well!

I started this a couple of weeks back thinking I was getting prepared for a tour earlier in the week but with the change in my medication and in the process of buying/selling our home I got extremely muddled and read the wrong book, but not to worry! I read this so quickly I had plenty of time to squeeze in the correct book before my slot and, plenty of time to write this review! I couldn't put this down, I was constantly wondering what was going on with Tasmin and Mia when I was busy with other things and I was completely stumped as to who could have killed Robin. Rijks did an excellent job of keeping me hooked from page one to the last sentence and the personalities she crafted for each of the characters were outstandingly written.

This is easily one of those books I wish I could read again immediately for the first time to notice the little hints here and there that are so obvious to me now. I try as hard as possible to not spoil anything for people reading my review before the book but the ending was pulse-pumpingly good and is definitely worth the back and forth of suspicions. The relationship between Mia and Tasmin was ideal for a reader to get to grips with because they balanced each other perfectly in their POV chapters with their emotional outbursts, but were able to often revert to level-headed approaches when the time called for it.

On a personal level the emotions Tasmin went through really hit home, I haven't long been married and whilst she had a hint of a material goal when marrying Robin her emotions really shook me. She lost her husband extremely quick and it just made me appreciate my new husband a little bit more for the time I was reading it! I don't think that this was Rijks goal with her thriller but it does stand testament to how well she writes her characters.

All in all, this was a solid thriller read for me and as usual, Zoé and Inkubator have knocked it out of the park with the offering on this tour. And obviously, well done to Miranda Rijks for writing such excellent suspense!

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