The Silent House - Nell Pattison

A home invasion is most people's worst nightmare, imagine waking up to hear the terrifying noise of someone breaking into your house. Now imagine the situation whilst being deaf, you'd never hear the break-in, you wouldn't hear them creep up the stairs and you wouldn't hear them murder your daughter.

It is crazy that representation of the deaf community are not more common in published works. Nell Pattison illustrates the difficulties they face in day-to-day life and the worst situation any parent will face in a stark and clear way that doesn't take the focus off the main story. Our deaf characters are not added into the story as 'token' disability characters and it was refreshing to see an author not tip-toe around their difficulties. The idea is so original and shows the insights of a world we rarely get to see and I was here for it! It was so interesting to see the little bits of information that aide the characters in their daily lives such as the flashing light above the front door to show them it is ringing.

Red herrings are common in suspense and mystery novels but they're usually only picked up on by the reader whilst the main characters get on with their train of thought. It felt very inclusive that Paige, our main character, got caught up in them as well. She picked up on everything and was very observant, this is always key for me in a good mystery novel because sometimes I want to scream at inept main characters!

The twist ending I did not see coming, I was at a loss of how the murder could have been done so I can only congratulate Pattison on how clever she has been with this story. Hints have been dropped from the first few pages and once I realised the importance of these hints I was blown away with just how sneaky they were! My only complaint would be that it doesn't move quite as quickly as I'd like but that didn't stop me finishing it within 24 hours. Pattison's new book 'Silent Night' is being released in November and you can count on me picking it up!

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