The Tenant - Angela Lester

Whilst trying to find her feet after leaving her old life behind, Kate needs to find somewhere to live within close proximity of her new school. But when Amy advertises a spare room she has much more in mind than just covering the bills... Kate's life soon starts to spiral and the supportive Amy just wants to help, what can go wrong when you've got a friend to help?

Thank you again to Zooloo Book Tours for organising this tour and sending me an ebook review copy of the book! I'm on the last day of this tour so there are plenty of reviews available for you to read on the below accounts as well as my own! Please note that my review will contain *SPOILERS* so I can give a full overview of my thoughts.

Inkubator are notorious for publishing excellently tense psychological thrillers so I knew going into this I would get creeped out! What I wasn't prepared for was how well Lester wrote Amy. Amy has been written to present a perfect underlying tone of pure chaos behind a seemingly calm exterior and it was the ideal approach to take for the narrative, even from her first introduction I was put on edge by her.

As the story progressed so did the unrelenting creepiness of Amy, her house and the effect it was having on Kate. I do think that the standout star of the story was Amy instead of Kate, there was definitely more substance to Amy's character which deepend her personality that little bit more for me. I'd have liked to have seen more of Kate's story from Carlisle with her drinking and past relationship so Amy's plan was more convincing.

Plot-wise I was pretty much expecting that Amy would be behind Kate's sudden decline but I was not expecting the twist (which I won't give away because I loved being suprised by it!). There was a steady pace throughout that maintained the level of tension and it ramped up in the last 20% which pushed me as a reader to power through to the end without stopping! From the climatic reveal to the final page I was unable to put this down.

If you're looking for a tense and creepy psych-thriller this is definitely worth picking up!

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