The Upside of Falling - Alex Light

Becca doesn't believe in love and the only place she likes to see romance is in her bookcase of novels. Bret just wants to make his dad proud and play football. Both of them have always been pressured to find a partner but neither have been too interested, so when the prospect of a fake relationship shows up they think it's the perfect answer, until feelings can't be ignored any further...

Romance novels are rarely my first choice but I definitely needed something light-hearted after reading My Dark Vanessa. This was the perfect pick and I loved it from start to finish! It was included in the Book Box Club February box 'Roses are Red' along with some other wonderful bookish goodies. From the off I loved Becca as a main character, she was the right level of self-aware for a YA romance novel but not too deep that it became unrelatable. I'll ignore Brett's terrible name because he was immediately a stable and enjoyable character, he was written so thoroughly and beautifully well-rounded. He held the perfect level of kindness and sadness to make him a perfect YA male lead.

Fake relationships are one of my favourite romance tropes and this was a wonderful example of how to perfectly write this! But this was not only a beautiful romance story but there was a side story of overcoming sadness and forgiveness that just made me cry for Becca. Light manages to capture the true difficulty in forgiving people who have hurt you whilst still maintaining your dignity.

If you're looking for a light-hearted read then this is definitely something you should pick up. It was the perfect blend of hope, love and a touch of sadness. Light puts the best level of tension, subtle hints and sweet conversation to sell this love story, it will forever remain on my bookshelf as a staple of good romance writing.

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