The Witch Hunter - Max Seeck

Detective Jessica Niemi finds herself in the middle of a police investigation into murderous rituals cropping up in the suburbs of Helsinki. The killings are eerily similar to those depicted in Roger Koponen's witch hunter novels and with the first murder victim being his wife Jessica can't help but think there is a personal motive, but, mysterious happenings start to create doubt. Will Jessica get to the bottom of it before she herself is put in danger?

A big thank you to Ed.Pr and Welbeck Publishing for sending me this gifted copy in exchange for taking part in their blog tour! Many wonderful bloggers are taking part in this tour so please check out all their reviews!

I have never read a Nordic crime thriller I didn't like and 'The Witch Hunter' is no exception. This was an incredible novel that kept me engaged throughout and didn't dip into monotonous at any point. Various plot points crop up but never distract from the main story and offer the perfect balance of side story to continuously keep you reading. The main plot of the ritual killings is enticing and draws you in from to first page, nothing is what it seems but Seeck manages to keep everything tight and controlled without losing the main narrative.

Our main character, Jessica, becomes an extreme force of nature for me. She continues to stand strong against the intensely traumatic scenes she comes across at the crime scenes but remains guarded and secretive that draws the reader into wanting more of her, wanting to see that vulnerable side we know lies beneath. Jessica was a brilliant main character and although Seeck doesn't focus on her each chapter, he manages to ensure her presence is felt throughout.

Seeck's writing always manages to reflect the scene in the book by setting pace, tone and the right level of imagery to put you right there with the characters. The investigation into the murders felt extremely realistic and I can 100% see this becoming the TV adaption it has already been put into production. Everything reads clearly and succinctly which allows the reader to speed through this book but still being able to get a clear picture of each step our characters take. With this being said you do not want to rush this, you will want to savour every moment so you can capture the perfection that is this novel.

Thank you again to those mentioned above for my gifted copy! 'The Witch Hunter' perfectly combines Nordic crime with a witchy atmosphere, an immediate favourite.

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