The Woman in the Window - A. J. Finn

Anna lives alone in her big New York home but cannot go outside. Her agoraphobia restricts her everyday life to the confines of her home and she can only watch the world pass by from her window. This becomes a serious problem when she witnesses her neighbour stabbed to death in the house opposite. This neighbour is Jane Russell, she had only visited Anna days previous and they had shared a wonderful evening generating a friendship she thought would span years. When Anna reports all of this to the police they question her story as they are able to produce Jane Russell alive and well, but Anna has never met this woman before in her life.

Start to finish, this had me hooked. My need to know just what was happening stemmed from the synopsis and the little drops of mystery speckling the first few chapters surrounding the Russell household. Was the father abusive? Was the son hiding something for him? Who was this lady claiming to be Jane Russell? There were so many questions and I just had to know the answers! The chapters were short to hold tension and longer to delve into Anna's painful memories but not so long to provide a drastic difference. With the chapters being short it was easy to go through this book quickly for me, I tend to lag where the chapters continue on for long periods without break so the short snappy chapters were a welcome relief.

As this book is coming out soon as a movie I will not reveal any spoilers to the ending. All I will say is that it was insanely good. I have seen others say it wasn't as ground-breaking as many believe but I 100% believe this was incredible, and multiple members of the bookstagram society agree with me. Just when you think all has been revealed something more comes out to shock you in a completely new way you wouldn't have thought possible in this narrative. I loved it.

This was my first completed read of 2020 and will be a tough one to beat from the top spot.

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