The Wrong Girl - Robert W Kirby

Alex wants answers. His childhood was awash with trauma and tragedy and it's finally coming back to haunt his dreams and keep him awake. He knows the only way to find out what really happened in 1988 is to get the gang back together and retrace their steps but will any of them want to relive that terrible summer where six entered the woods, and only five came out?

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I've read several of Inkubator's releases recently because I got over-excited signing up for tours left, right, and centre, and of the ones I've read this is a good middle-ground. I had to read this in one day to meet today's deadline because I'm terrible at planning my schedule but it didn't matter, it was easy to get caught up in the story and read it from start to finish in 24 hours. However, I was only excited by the plot from about 30% of the way through when the secrets really started to spill out and their childhoods were being revealed. The character building in the first 30% was easy to follow and by the time the plot picked up I was able to whizz through it without having to flick back to previous sections to connect dots. I was also slightly unsettled that Kirby used the r-word in Gavin's language, it was reminiscent of the time and Gavin's character but I just feel that an alternative word/phrase could be used.

We follow the group throughout their experience reliving the past and we discover the secrets at the same time as the characters. This was an excellent approach to storytelling because we felt the same apprehensions and worries that they went through at the same time and it added a level of connection as a reader to the story and the characters. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the big reveal and Kirby has some excellent writing tricks because just when you thought the big reveal had come, it was a whiplash of thrill because the reveals just kept coming, the levels he wrote into the history being hidden for thirty years was amazing and it really boosted the narrative.

I thoroughly enjoyed the overall story once it got going but the slow start was initially offputting. I can appreciate that as a whole the slow start which geared up toward a fast-paced and exciting second half was perfect for setting the tone for the characters. They had a settled life in their 40s and all of a sudden it is upheaved with secrets of the past, it is a good reflection of their lives but to see the full picture you need to finish the book.

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