Thirteen - Steve Cavanagh

12 members of the jury. 1 person on trial. Who is sitting in the wrong seat? Eddie Flynn is recruited to represent a famous movie star in a double-homicide case, he is insistent that he didn't do it but all the evidence points toward him and there are no other suspects. Eddie is sure there must be an explanation but the closer he gets to revealing the truth to the court, the bigger the risk the real killer will take to not be revealed as a member of the jury.

I hadn't realised this was part of a series before picking it up but luckily this never read as continuation of another story and was easily read as a standalone novel. Serial killers fascinate me which is likely why I love crime thrillers so much when they're combined with psychological elements. My main interest is how their minds work and this book was a perfect insight into how they think. The story is split between Eddie Flynn and Joshua Kane, our serial killer, this changing narrative gives the perfect balance between what we want to know the good side have discovered and how the bad side is avoiding detection.

Joshua Kane came across as such a complicated character, not only pretending to be a member of the jury but also giving glimpses of his real self. However, Eddie Flynn, despite being the character the whole series follows was such a bland character for me. He is your typical white male who tries to make everything revolve around him. Being hired to defend someone on trial does not mean you have to take it upon yourself to solve the crime, investigate your clients reliability and try and convince the jury they didn't do it.

The twist at the end of the story was crazy. *spoiler* Throughout the book we are invited to assume we know who Kane is impersonating but right at the end we realise we have just been assuming based on small hints dropped here and there. This reveal shows the reader that we cannot assume anything and we just jumped at the first person we could connect the dots to, investigations runs so much deeper than we realise and assumptions can lead to fatal consequences.

If the ending hadn't have been so shocking this would have been a three star but I was totally blown away so it bumped up to four! I would like to have seen a little more acknowledgement that Flynn's female sidekicks did most of the leg work for him.

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