Throw Me To The Wolves - Lindy Ryan & Christopher Brooks

When Britta was turned into a werewolf in the wake of her family's murder she ran and never looked back at the town she refused to call home. But Aaron Labaye, a local police officer draws her back to Louisiana in more ways than one. Her pain comes bubbling to the top and she has to fight for the truth of what happened ten years ago.

Thank you to Stephen at Black Crow PR and Black Spot Books for including me on this blog tour and providing a gifted ebook! I did accidentally read the wrong book in preparation for my spot today but once I realised and started reading Throw Me to the Wolves I had no problem catching up because it's brilliant! My fellow reviewers can all be found below:

My usual approach to grouchy female heroines isn't always positive because they can easily be written into a cliché that makes it difficult to connect on a deeper level, they immediately become this character without a full personality. However, Ryan and Brooks really excelled in bringing Britta to life in this novel. The approach was perfect, she did lean into the typical heroine but she became so much more than that as the story progressed, her emotions and personality shone through the pages and I felt every heartbreak and thread of anger.

Supernatural realism (magical realism felt too... calm... for this novel) can get extremely confusing, extremely quickly but Throw Me to the Wolves took it step by step explaining the different ways a wolf can "turn" and how different species interact with them. I loved this approach to the narrative because it has been seen before where a writer becomes too familiar with their world and expects a reader to jump straight on board without much in the way of explanation. But, as the story progressed I was able to understand and reference back to previous snippets of information provided in dialogue and was easily able to follow the story.

The overall tone of the novel was consistent and from page one I was nervously expecting the worst for Britta, the action took a step into gore that I really enjoyed but not so far as to completely distract from the plot. And, as all horror writers will aim for, I was genuinely a little shaken by the various stories about Hall House and the happenings within it. This is definitely perfect for reading around Halloween to spook yourself out, but, buy it now! Do not hesitate to read this in one sitting because boy, are you in for a treat!

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