Two Truths - Dana C Carver

Renee Morgan loses her husband in mysterious circumstances, and all three of their daughters have reacted differently to the death. Brett is relying on her upbringing to confirm her actions are for the greater good. Sara, driven by guilt, wants to find out who would destroy their family this way, and Hadley, the youngest, turns to her faith. Who is going to find the answers first and restore peace?

Thank you to Zooloo's Book Tours for including me in this tour and for sending me a review copy, and of course Dana, for putting her trust in bloggers to review her work. My fellow reviewers can be seen below!

What I didn't expect when coming into this mystery filled novel was the complete package I received. Two Truths has a little bit of everything to keep anyone intrigued in the narrative, whether you're interested in murder mystery, conspiracy, supernatural, family dynamics or religious plots there is definitely something for you in this. Authors who take the "I need to please everyone reading" approach often do it at the expense of the writing itself, however, I was pleasantly surprised when at no point did I get overwhelmed by the varied narratives. Carver encapsulated multiple plot aspects within the same story but intertwines them beautifully to create an amazing story I absolutely loved reading.

Having a defined set of characteristics for each key player helped me differentiate between them, but whilst it was easy to tell Brett's cold and logical mind apart from Hadley's open and optimistic one, the tone of each female family member is eerily similar. I cannot pinpoint exactly how Carver managed to achieve it but it was clear from their interactions that this was an established family dynamic wish came across clearly and without force.

The mystery aspect of this novel was what I enjoyed most, following Brett into her secret initiation and Sara in her investigations in the Truths kept me turning page after page. I was kept engaged by the continuous tension in Carver's writing, the changing perspectives also kept me on the edge of my seat as I was always keen to get back to each characters own personal plot.

I definitely recommend picking this one up, as soon as possible! The mystery unravels before your eyes whilst simultaneously remaining elusive to the end, it really is a book for everyone.

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