Under the Whispering Door - TJ Klune

Wallace Price doesn't take kindly to anything not going his way, so, when Mei tells him he died and there is no way back to the living world he definitely wants to speak to the manager. But, when he meets Hugo at the Charon's Crossing Tea and Treats shop his connection to life becomes stronger than ever.

Thank you to Black Crow PR and Tor Books for including me in this tour! This is one of the most anticipated reads for 2021 and it is definitely one that will stick with me for a long time. Klune's writing is incredibly atmospheric and I wish I could read this for the first time again, and again.

Let me start from the top, Wallace Price was introduced as a terrible person, terrible character, terrible everything and TJ Klune perfectly depicts him in such a way that made me think "how can I possibly come to like this man?" but boy, the skill and talent I experienced reading this book was beyond compare. Wallace ended up being someone I genuinely cared for without hesitation, how Klune manages to flip the switch like that I'll never know.

This is my first Klune novel, but it's easy to see why everyone on Bookstagram and Twitter are obsessed with his writing. Under the Whispering Door touches on very serious topics without making them something shameful or to hide from the world, Klune approaches the topics in an accessible and sensitive way. As a reader I got emotional on nearly every page, every conversation and scene of self-reflection prompted a genuine response from me. The characters were easy to get invested in and especially the developing friendships, everything felt realistic despite the supernatural concept of the narrative.

It is difficult to put into words why I loved this novel so much, it's atmosphere just exuded kindness, loveliness and warmth. Character, setting and narrative were all perfectly executed. When writing a review I always try and find at least one constructive piece of feedback but I honestly couldn't find a single thing to raise. I just want to live in this book forever, but a coffee option in the tea shop would be ideal.

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