Unspeakable Things - Jess Lourey

Based on a true story, 'Unspeakable Things' brings an intense look into the life of a young girl who didn't believe her hometown police were working hard enough to solve the case of kidnapped and assaulted boys. She especially didn't think it when one of the boys never returned home like the others had. Cassie took it into her own hands to try and figure out who was hurting these boys and put a stop to it. Her home life is strenuous due to her parent's strange parties and suspicious behaviour from her father at night, but nothing was going to stop her, even if it meant tearing apart her own family.

So I got this as my December free book from Amazon First Read and although I'm trying to read less thriller/suspense (I think I have a problem!) I couldn't turn this one down. The synopsis sent through from Amazon was so intriguing that I was drawn in immediately and instantly needed to know what was happening to the boys in this town. Lourey's writing makes you feel included in the setting straight away, we can feel Cassie's anxious thoughts cloud our judgement of the characters around her. For a long time I was suspecting nearly everyone of being involved in the kidnapping of the young boys as Cassie was so suspicious of everyone.

Writing from a young person's perspective is always hit or miss for me, the consistency in tone is not achieved in this story. In parts Cassie is a standard 12/13-year-old talking about her secret crush and pestering her older sister to play, in other parts her deductive skills and thoughts come across as someone older than that. This shook the credibility of her for me, she could have been a really strong character but the difference between the two personalities broke it apart for me.

The story itself was so interesting, especially considering it was based on real events. True crime is something I am always interested in and this dropped me straight into the middle of a mystery I could not wait to figure out. Guessing the suspect is never my strong suit, I am naturally suspicious of everyone and every action they make. My first guess was Donny, Cassie's father and *SPOILER* I was so upset that I was wrong! He was so sketchy and creepy I was sure he was involved but when he was cleared out I thought there must have been a mistake.

Overall I enjoyed this read, the writing and tone from such a young perspective was sometimes lost on me and personally the ending was not fulfilling enough. There were parts of this story that didn't match up and were added to fill out the pages - see, Aunt Jin. It was a quick read, since I just had to know how it ended I finished it in about 5 hours but the writing was not always something I could look over, especially the odd mentioning of things that never came to fruition. If you want something quick and interesting, definitely pick it up.

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