We Just Clicked - Anna Bell

Izzy is an aspiring influencer and dreams of making it in the big wide world, when the opportunity to grow her following comes at a high price it seems completely worth it. That is until a big bump in the road stops her in her tracks and makes her reconsider what is actually important to her.

*This review contains spoilers*

As a character Izzy was a little difficult for me to initially get on with because she embodies what I believe is wrong with the growing 'influencer' scene, she was obsessed with everyone seeing everything about her life, whether it was a real or not. As the story progressed her reasoning behind the dream was revealed and it actually touched a heartstring and made me forget my previous gripes, Bell really managed to take a seemingly shallow main character and turn her into someone all readers could aspire to be, loyal and full of love.

Of the flip side of the coin our other key player, Luke, was terrible and written perfectly to the point I really need to reach through the pages and give him a good slap. He was deceptive and downright evil, this made him the perfect villain that we could only hope Izzy learned to get rid of. Bell executed an high level of emotive writing that made the reader really hold out the hope of Izzy getting something better and Luke getting what he deserves. Enter; Aidan. What a perfect character. There isn't much to say about Aidan other than Bell managed to depict every woman's perfect man, the book was worth reading for him alone.

Bell has perfected the slow-burn romance, which is difficult for me to say as I love fast-paced straight into the middle romances. We Just Clicked is easily one of the best romances of the year and Bell's writing is something to be acclaimed, it was an easy read that settled your soul at the same time as getting your heart pumping with love, anger and frustration. Looking back the ending was predictable but not so predictable that I didn't enjoy it. Lizzy didn't get the perfect ending but Bell leaves us on the brink of it happening and that was just the perfect way to end the crazy spiral that was Izzy's story.

I want to thank HQ and Anna Bell for gifting me an advanced copy of this in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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