You Are Not Alone - Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Shay feels lost in herself and after witnessing a tragic death of a woman feet in front of her she starts to connect with her in more ways than one. Jane and Cassandra are sisters and friends of the woman, they take Shay under their wing everything starts falling into place but when mysterious connections are made between the sisters and Shay's new life she starts to get suspicious...

A huge thank you to Tandem Collective for arranging this read-along and for arranging a video call with Greer and Sarah to discuss their novel and do a Q&A session with us readers! It was a wonderful experience to hear what went into this novel and how two wonderful writers manage to work together to create such masterpieces!

From the off Shay was an incredible character, she promoted a connection with the reader that I have no seen so strongly in a long while. Throughout the book we laugh with her, feel happy for her and then start to worry and panic with her, being able to emit this range of emotion from one character was an outstanding achievement for Hendricks and Pekkanen. I got the feeling from this novel that characterisation is a key writing point for them as although Shay stood out as the most rounded all of the key characters were almost physical and coming through the page with the level of description put into every hand move or hair flick.

Twists and turns occurred on nearly every page, it began to get confusing at one point but by slowly connecting all the dots Hendricks and Pekkanen managed to round off the perfect ending. The ability to surprise an avid thriller/crime reader is definitely difficult to pull off but I definitely didn't see the major twist coming in this one and I will always refer to it as one of the greatest twists I've read! (In case you're interested, number one will always be the murderer in Murder on the Orient Express).

A key part of this story was Shay's exposure to Amanda's death and the sister's being a friend of Amanda. The flashbacks to Amanda helped create that gap in the main narrative producing tension and the need to find out what happened next but for me I just wanted to get back to the main story because her narrative was... boring. She wasn't as well rounded as the other characters and although it added a lot of secrecy and mystery to the main narrative I found it just slowed the pace down to an often unbearable level.

Overall I really enjoyed this! A tweak with the pacing in Amanda's flashbacks would have made this a five-star read but I just can't get over how much I wanted to skip through them.

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