What my rating system means to me and how you can interpret it.

I work on a star based system, 1 to 5, with their detailed meaning below. I can change my mind on what I think the star rating means for a particular book but I will usually explain that within my blog.

  • 1 STAR - This means I have not enjoyed this read at all, there are little to no chance I would re-read or bother to recommend this to anyone

  • 2 STARS - I would not say I have enjoyed it but could see where the author was going. Needed major changes for me to enjoy it.

  • 3 STARS - I enjoyed it, I could understand the story and liked the portrayal of characters, I still found major concerns, I could overlook them whilst reading but found myself focused on them instead of the story.

  • 4 STARS - I really liked this book although found a few minor concerns that meant I couldn't rate it higher. I would recommend it.

  • 5 STARS - I loved this book and would recommend it to everyone, everywhere. There were little or no concerns that could be overlooked easily.

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