If you are thinking of sending me a book to review please read these guidelines first! If you are thinking or collaborating with my on an alternative product, I am more than happy to discuss individual requirements via email, please provide as much detail on my contact form and I'll get back to you!

I am very grateful that you are considering me to review your book, however, I have a few ground rules just so that everyone involved does not have any negative reactions to our collaboration! 

Whilst I am happy to read nearly all genres please do not send or offer to send me:

  • Erotica

  • Unsolicited non-fiction (I pick up non-fiction very rarely so I'm happy to discuss the publication before sending to see if it is something I will be interested in)

  • Self-published work

  • Essay pieces

I accept the following forms of review copies:

  • Physical copies (paper/hardback are fine either way)

  • E-Book copies (please send in a Kindle-friendly format)


Please include the following information for me to consider your request:

  • The summary

  • Release date (if not already available)

  • How quickly do you need me to read this?

  • What do you require of me from a social media perspective? Are you looking for advertisement on my Instagram page and stories? This is perfectly acceptable but please make sure you ask if you want specific things sharing!

I cannot guarantee that the book will be read and reviewed on my site immediately although I will do everything I can to get to it ASAP. My reading list is very long right now but I can always work in requests with realistic timeframes.

If the book is an ARC please specify the release date and if you would prefer that the review is posted before/on/just after release so we can work together on optimum exposure for the book.

I will always try to post a review where I feel I can, even if I did not enjoy the book. For this reason, I only post honest and real reviews, please be aware that I will not give a book a 4-star rating because you ask me to if I feel it is a 2-star book. On this note, I am happy to send you a copy of my review before posting it (please specify this in your request, otherwise I will post it without sending it first). I will always be respectful and post constructive feedback.

I reserve the right to refuse to review if I am either a) too busy with my current reading list or b) I don't feel I am the right person to review your book.